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A Truly Unique Fundraiser - Team Decals
Team Decals give you a fun new way to rai
se money for your team or school. You drive into the parking lot, game, or meeting. Everyone sees your child's team, name, and number on the back of your car. Friends and fans start asking, "Where did you get that sticker?" "How can I get one for my daughter?" "I want one of those with my son's name!" And just like that, your fundraiser is off to a roaring start. If you've done any fundraising you know how difficult it can be. Click here to see
how it works.

"Why Team Decals?"

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  • Every parent likes to show their children's accomplishments
  • They create a chain reaction - once someone sees a Team Decals, they will want one too.
  • They show team spirit - and advertise themselves everywhere you go.
  • Teammates and club members can have a decal personalized just for them.
  • Parents want one for every car.

A Team Decals Fundraiser Offers Great Profits.
An average fundraising order can bring thousands of dollars of profit to your group or team - the kind of profits that makes those new uniforms or that tournament trip a reality.

A Team Decals Fundraiser Offers Great Value.
Parents can't just run to the corner store and buy these decals. They're getting a hard-to-find, personalized product. They're raising money for their child's team or club, while paying the same price if they ordered a decal on their own. Badsidecustoms.com is the place to go for a project that boost team spirit long after the fundraiser is done.


Fast and Easy Steps to Start Your Own Team decals Fundraiser!
1. Download our info sheet and order form.
2. Fill out the team information and submit.
3. Start FUNdraising

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